Chorobopop | Císařpancíř

01/06/22, 20:00


Legendary punk punch from Rožnov po Radhoštěm.

The post-punk band Chorobopop was formed as a successor to the hardcore punk phone. After the drummer left his ranks, the orphaned trio Zay, Keč and Ctib reached for the drum machine, changed their name and set out to find a new face, deliberately different from the previous one. In 2020 they released their first album Cats, Rats, Celebrities, and in 2022 a second full-length recording, called Bounce from the Bottom, saw the light of day.


Honza Majer's rap alter (ex-Nusle Soud System, Gh € ttobla $ ter). Poisonous lyrics, dirty beats and a high degree of nihilism.