Vellocet Roll | BREN | Cold Venus Revisited

29/06/22, 20:00


Post-punk sad, psychedelic pensive rock'n'roll with a neurotic saxophone. The Prague team will import last year's novelty A Land Ridden By Darkness, which was released in collaboration with Theremin Records and Full Moon Forum.


A dark and urgent mix oscillating between slowcore, no wave and shoegaze.

The project arose from the friendship of Ivo Lorenc (Science Killer, ex-Beps’n’Johnnies) and Šimon Podrazil (tryo) with the urge to write songs with Czech lyrics, originally without the ambition of live performance. Later, the duo grew to a full band, complete with Vojtěch Škuta and Lukáš Nedommel.


The Prague band touches on various genres, including dark psychedelia, shoegaze and post punk. Their music is an escape from dystopian reality, supported by existential lyrics and noisy melancholy.