Zabloudil/a - Massola – USNU? - Instinct Primal&Willhelm Grasslich

14/01/22, 19:00

Lost - Massola - USNU? - Instinct Primal & WG
evening of experimental sounds and jazz & freeimpro avant-garde
Bajkazyl Brno
Got lost
free noise impro / chaos avantgarde / krautrock
A domestic legend wandering underground since 1987. Free play / fiction freedom. Improvisation of sounds, lights and movement
Neanderthal jazz or the cult of Naked City. Home to an all-loved duo whose performances they simply never get tired of!
https: // /.../ mas-massola-split-lp ...
harsh noise
A peculiar noiser from Brno, who combines a love of total noise and his own humor in his performances. In Bajkazl, he has been flushing his eardrums since time immemorial, and it is always an unforgettable experience. You can't sleep !!!
Instinct Primal / Willhelm Grasslich collab set
noisebient / drone / death-industrial
The second concert in Bajkazl of these two sound artists, who have had series of engagements, recordings and collaborations. Jan Krumlov's (IP) sound-precise tuning will be complemented by a more powerful and raw sonic backdrop and vocals.
Recommended entry - 200
Start 19:00
End 21:30
the currently applicable covid measures will be complied with at the event