14/06/23, 20:30

Brno Brass Fest invites you to the Metro to the unconventional HarMálek Orchestra. Come and relax in the club to the sound of brass!

An original group that decided to innovate the Czech brass band tradition and bring it closer to all sides of society in a modern, aggressive and young version. The HarMálek Orchestra was founded in 2016 and is composed of professional musicians playing across the genres of the entire Czech music scene, such as: Sexy Dancers, Top Dream Company, Marek Ztracený, and the Prague Chamber Philharmonic.

In the past, the orchestra visited Belgrade, Serbia, where he shot his first music video. Several times the band received an official invitation to perform at the biggest wind music festival in the world, namely at the Serbian Guča Festival, where they last performed their show on the main stage in the company of Boban and Marko Marković or Goran Bregović. In 2021, they recorded a live album "Live session from Sono Records" which contains the band's current repertoire.

"We are not afraid of anything and are open to everything, but at the same time we have to preserve the identity of our Czech music, which has been taking shape here for several decades and deserves respect", says our band leader Petr Harmáček.