Saturday night fever

18/12/19, 19:00

a disco musical

British band the Bee Gees had been on top of the music charts since the middle of the 1960s. Towards the end of the 70s, involvement in the great disco boom brought the group great success, and in 1978 they received a Grammy for the music they produced for the film Saturday Night Fever. The romantic musical film by director John Badham was only the second film in which John Travolta appeared in the main role and it jump-started his film career. Travolta played Tony, an excellent dancer whose flower-shirted, tight bell-bottoms and high-heeled boot-wearing performance unleashed a great wave of interest in disco and made him an idol for millions of people all around the world.

The theatre version also tells the story of Tony Maner, a young man from Brooklyn whose only hobby is to spend the weekends at a local disco, which helps him forget the realities of his soul-destroying everyday life. The stage adaptation of the film hit had its world premiere on 5th May 1998 at the London Palladium theatre, and was performed there for over two years. A Broadway production followed, with more than five hundred repeat performances, after which “Fever fever” really broke out world-wide. Since 2000, the musical has been shown in Argentina, Holland, Mexico, Korea and Spain, and in 2004, a London revival also took place. The Czech premiere was at the Divadlo Kalich theatre in Prague in 2004.

Finally, our guests can look forward to experiencing hits like Stayin´ AliveNight Fever and How Deep Is Your Lovehere in Brno at our theatre’s production of this phenomenal, glittering dance musical.