14/02/20, 18:00

HE DIVINE COMEDY - part III of a musical trilogy

a fantasy musical

There is one beautiful idea that the only way we’ll be able to communicate with beings which visit us from outer space will be through music. What a fantastic thought!

The loosely-connected musical trilogy by composer Zdenek Merta and librettist and director Stanislav Moša, which is based on the three parts of Dante’s Divine Comedy – Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, will be completed by a story from the near future. Both authors have always (apart from in the case of the musical fairy-tale Midsummer Nights’ Dreams) created original stories whose main theme was, in various forms, the most powerful human phenomenon – love. And this also applies to this stunning story in which our world is controlled by two non-human phenomena – modern technology, represented by robots, and a mysterious alien civilization which uses the robots to connect with our world.

The story takes place forty years after a mysterious disaster has happened on Earth and humanity has found itself set back in its development by a couple of centuries. Its main human character is Ruden, an old man who used to be a brilliant piano virtuoso. He meets a boy called Malej who accidentally comes across a functional piano in the ruins of a town. Malej falls in love with the mysterious instrument and learns how to use it during his teenage years, with a great deal of help from Ruden. However, he isn´t the only young person around who’s making use of a talent for an art that has fascinated us humans since time immemorial. Malej is fascinated by the beauty and skill of a young dancer, Oré. Unfortunately, their love is almost impossible in a world that has been destroyed by robots and is falling ever more under the control of an alien civilization. However… No, this would reveal more of this original story than is necessary. The production, which is full of surprises and beautiful music, will be directed by Stanislav Moša.