12/07/20, 20:30

a crazy féerie with songs by the most famous band of all time

What boy wouldn´t want to found a band at the age of sixteen? What boy doesn´t dream of provoking excited screaming from crowds of fans the first time he touches the strings of his guitar, in front of a full stadium? The four sixteen-year-old heroes of our story are practicing so intensively and hoping so strongly that they “will be like the Beatles” one day that they fall through the music rehearsal room that’s in their garage into Beatleland. This is a very strange world full of bizarre characters and dream landscapes, a world where James Bond meets Winnie the Pooh and which is ruled by a four-bodied divine being called GeorgeJohnPaulRingo. Most of all, it is a world full of songs by the Beatles, special adaptations of which will be played in our production: Here Comes the Sun, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, All You Need Is Love, Don’t Let Me Down, Michelle, Help!, Strawberry Fields Forever... In the very centre of Beatleland there is a recording studio, Abbey Road, where the enchanted boys (pursued through Beatleland by the staff of the secondary school from which they mysteriously vanished) end their wanderings and it all culminates in a grand party full of Beatles-esque musical euphoria. This original jukebox-musical by the well-proven authorial trio Slovák-Šotkovský-Štěpán and also Zdeněk Merta, a specialist in Beatles songs, will serve up a hearty portion of joy through its ageless hits.