Jane Eyre

26/02/22, 18:00

musical based on the famous novel, Czech premiere

Charlotte Brontë (1816–1855), a representative of classical English literature, was born into the vicar's family and spent most of her life in Haworth, Yorkshire. As the third of five sisters, she had to watch all her siblings (including one brother) die of tuberculosis. After the death of her siblings, she remained alone with her father for some time, but then moved to London, where she wanted to enjoy the success of Jana Eyrová's novel in better society. She married in 1854, but died a year later, probably pregnant, from one of the diseases of the time - typhus or tuberculosis.

In her most famous novel of 1847, she described her experiences not only from the girls' school in Cowan Bridge. The story of Jana Eyrová, an orphaned girl who, for her happiness, had to fight her way through a life full of misery and terrifying events, has been dazzling readers from the very beginning. No wonder he has seen many television, film and finally theatrical adaptations. The musical version also tells the romantic story of love between Jana and Edward Rochester, along with all the sometimes-horror lines of the famous story. Jana's teenager, Helena's closest friend, dies, from whom she learns that the worst injustices can be forgiven, and thanks to this motto, she eventually gets the happiness she deserves.

The musical had its world premiere in 1996 in Canada, reached Broadway four years later, received five Tony Award nominations, and recorded over two hundred reruns. The author of the music and lyrics is the experienced American composer Paul Gordon and the libretto was written by the English playwright and director John Caird, who also has a Tony Award for his direction of The Poor Men in 1987. We present the musical in a Czech premiere directed and translated by Petr Housewife.