09/06/23, 20:30

mystifying ballad with a large orchestra, world premiere

A colorful musical comedy show combines two essential and traditional mottos of the Brno City Theatre. The first is the link to the area of the Bishop's Court, which will become the summer stage of our theater for the fourteenth time, in accordance with the tradition that we mainly present productions here in world premieres, which are written precisely for this magical environment. We are also preparing for next year the realization of the original play, which thematically draws from the history of our city and for which the significant use of the fate of an extraordinary personality connected with our city. The second currency is the extraordinary singing and musicianship potential of our artistic ensembles.

And we like to use this "capital" of ours artistically in a delightfully mystifying ballad with the motto: As long as the dragon hangs in Brno, everything will be the other way around. In it, we will present a magnificently conceived cross-section of the work of the greatest genius of European music: opera arias and concert music will be heard here, Mozart's melodies will be heard "as we know them", but also in original and distinctive rock and jazz arrangements. All this with the massive, symphonic-sounding orchestra of our theater.

The main axis of the plot is a thrilling detective story that concerns Mozart's visit to Brno in 1767, which will also explain where the crocodile, also called the "Brno dragon", really came from in our Brno. In this spectacle, it is brought to Brno by Leopold Mozart himself, who received it as a gift from an influential aristocrat and desperately tries to hide it from everyone around him. Both in front of the eleven-year-old Wolfgang, who has a panicky fear of crocodiles, and the Brno councilors, who also persistently demand that the future Amadeus compose a special symphony for Brno and about Brno. How surprising will be the fact that in the end it is the crocodile that will become the greatest source of musical inspiration for the little genius...

Thanks to healthy humor and quotations from the music of a world-renowned author, the production should become a celebration of human creativity, for the application of which our city and our region are the best place in the world.