How Bach met Mucha

20/07/20, 9:00

Summer music and art workshop

What would Mucha's posters look like if he drew them for Bach's concerts? And what would Bach's compositions sound if Bach were Mucha's contemporary? You will learn all this on a crazy trip through history, in honor of the anniversaries of two important artistic personalities. And what kind of party would it be if they both met at it? And if they both met at the Governor's Palace? And right at the baroque ball? Well that would be it! And you know what? It will! This year's holidays smell strikingly of powder, oil paints and new experiences!


lecturers: Kristýna Drášilová, Michaela Kulísková, Michaela Gerichová, Dominika Halvová and Romana Cásková

price 2 600 CZK



Brno Philharmonic and Moravian Gallery in Brno