Barbara Maria Willi presents ... XIX. year of the cycle of early music concerts: Musica = mathematics + magic

07/04/22, 19:30

Rosewood: Lydia Gosnell, Miriam Monaghan, Caoimhe de Paor, Teresa Wrann / flutes

The long-awaited British flute ensemble brings to Brno a successful program in which we know us about the magic of music.
In a historical context, magic meant a belief in the harmony between numbers and real-world phenomena. Johannes Kepler at the Prague court of Rudolf II. proved that the orbits of the planets have the same proportions as the musical intervals. Music, movement and mathematics are in unity and in the brand new suites of Kepler's planet, commissioned by the charming flutists from the Palisander ensemble; it will also feature the largest bass recorder currently on the market. You will also hear a special arrangement of the music of the violin virtuoso Tartini, who, like many other Baroque composers, believed that practicing the violin technique would overcome the limits of the body - but is it possible without the help of the devil? Admiration and wonder - these will be the predicates of this exceptional concert!

Program: G. Tartini, J. S. Bach, Hildegard von Bingen, M. Monaghan ad.