Irská noc s Dálach

22/07/21, 20:00

The event takes place as part of the rich holiday program "Summer with Café Práh". Come and breathe in our open air and enjoy a summer night in one of the most beautiful places in Brno. Admission is voluntary and the program will take place in any weather. Details on the website
Dalach brings listeners fresh and uncooked Irish traditional music. In their repertoire, everyone gets their own way - listening to the captivating melodies of Irish songs, letting their feet move with brisk and energetic instrumental sets of jigs or reels, all this is suddenly easier than ever before. Dálach do not copy the repertoire or style of famous Irish bands. They create their own instrumental sets and, especially in the songs, let the creativity of the individual members of the band fully manifest themselves when creating the arrangement. They also look for inspiration in archive recordings and thus often find almost unknown jewels of traditional Irish music.
20:00 Irish Night: Dálach
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