Totální nasazení, The Fialky, Nežfaleš

01/04/22, 21:00

Joint band tour:
Support: Pest Controls
Three leading punk rock bands Totální nasžití, The Fialky and Nežfaleš are embarking on a joint tour. You can look forward to a total of thirteen stops in the Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia. The tour is a continuation of the successful tour of the culture houses, which took place last spring on the occasion of the release of a new album (Kazoo or Die!) By the band Totální nasžití.
In 2020, the new band The Fialky will be released for a change, which will be called Punk rock radio. Hence the name of the current tour. The third time for the party, the bands chose the "business" youngest partner - punk rock Nežfaleš. In selected places, this company will be complemented by either Slaný Deratizéři or Dilemma in Cinema
(both bands are personally connected with Total Deployment).
Unlike last year, the bands will visit several large clubs in addition to cultural houses. They will return to proven places, but they will also arrive in completely new premises.