Concentus Moraviae 2022 I Sirba Octet

18/06/22, 19:30

Richard Schmoucler / violin, um. head
Laurent Manaud-Pallas / violin
Grégoire Vecchioni / alto
Claude Giron / cello
Bernard Cazauran / double bass
Philippe Berrod / clarinet
Iurie Morar / dulcimer
Christophe Henry / piano

Bessarabian time
Fantaisie Roumaine
Moldova Suite
Doina Ciobanului / Sirba
See you soon / Der yid in Yerushalaim / Batuta de la Sarata
Flacailor time
Chava Alberstein: I shtey unter a bokserboym
Jalea Tiganilor / Opa Tsupa / Yom Shabes yom
A Good Vokh
Oyfn Veg Shteyt A Boym / Avreml der Marvikher

The virtuoso violinist Richard Schmoucler, artistic director of the renowned French ensemble Sirba Octet, pays tribute to the traditional music of his ancestral lands. A program called Tanzt! / Dance! the ensemble built perfect bridges between the past and the present and connected Romanian, Moldovan, Russian and Hungarian melodies. All Sirba Octet musicians are true masters of their instruments, but they enhance the interpretive virtuosity with an attractive informal expression of folk musicians. Two violins, viola, cello, bass, clarinet, dulcimer and piano - welcome to festival festivities full of catchy songs, elemental klezmer dances and endless energy!