Claudio Monteverdi,Vít Zouhar, Tomáš Hanzlík: L'Arianna (Mantova 1608)

10/11/22, 19:00


From Monteverdi's Ariadne, only the libretto and part of the score of the 4th act containing the famous lament of the abandoned title character have survived to this day. The free reconstruction gave rise to a new theatrical form, which surrounds and illuminates a rarely preserved musical fragment with new visual-musical relationships.

The original libretto by Ottavio Rinuccini is the guide to telling the story of a woman who breaks all prohibitions for love, humbles herself and is subsequently abandoned by her lover on an inhospitable island. At the moment of the most difficult personal crisis, when she is saying goodbye to life, she meets the god of wine, who makes her his wife. The opera is reconstructed on the basis of period sources scattered throughout the archives of Europe. The world premiere of the free reconstruction of the lost opera took place in Lipník nad Bečvou on May 24, 2018. In February 2020, it won the audience award at the Opera Festival in Prague.

Ariadne – Hana Holodňáková (soprano)
Venus, Dorilla – Juliána Synková (soprano)
Cupid, 1st fisherman (originally messenger), Bacchus – Martin Ptáček (countertenor)
Apollon, Theseus – Ondřej Benek (tenor)
Rádce, 2nd fisherman (messenger), Jupiter – Jiří Poláček (bass)

Orchestra: Martin Smutný – positive, Marek Kubát – arch lute, baroque guitar, Jakub Michl – viola da gamba

Artistic direction, direction, costumes and projections – Tomáš Hanzlík