The World of Hans Zimmer

15/02/20, 18:30

The World of Hans Zimmer show is coming to Brno in Czech republic in February.

• Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Holder Hans Zimmer is the curator and music director and creator of the show, even though he does not personally attend, he invited a number of renowned soloists who he '' brought up '' to sing his melodies and introduce during a spectacular concert tour in Brno on February 15 at the DRFG Arena.

• The World of Hans Zimmer Concert Tour - A Symphonic Celebration is having worldwide success. This groundbreaking Hans Zimmer tour, a rock star among film music composers.

• During the performance, short videos of Hans Zimmer and his long-time friends and colleagues will alternately be shown to provide the audience an exciting and entertaining insights behind the scenes of his studio work.

• The audience will be able to look forward to amazing visual screenings of movie sequences during music.

• The world tour began in spring 2019 and is continuing in other European capitals next year. It will gradually come to Europe, including Germany, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, this time to Brno.

• The show will be led by Gavin Greenaway - the conductor of the soundtrack, which Hans Zimmer himself has said he trusts more than himself.
The Symphony Orchestra will undoubtedly bring an intense and unforgettable concert experience.

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