UPROSTŘED: Lada Šimíčková & kapela

28/06/22, 19:00

Lady Šimíčková's songs are based on unusual poetic lyrics and civil singing. The genre in which he moves combines elements of chanson and contemporary acoustic song music with fine electronics. The basis of the musical accompaniment is the piano and guitar of her teammate Ivo Cicvárek.

Lada can now be heard with the whole band (drummer Jirka Bařina and bassist Přemek Březovič). Lada has been writing her texts for many years, they first began to reach the public after 2004, when Lada became a member of the free association Textová dílna Slávka Janouška. Her lyrics thus soon found their way into the search for fellow musicians and began to appear, for example, on Lucie Redlová's albums, on Zhasni's album or on Petr Bende's album; several of them were also set to music by Slávek Janoušek.

Since 2007, he has been collaborating musically with the singer Ivo Cicvárek, who, thanks to the friendship also established within the Text Workshop, became its court musician. In 2012, Lada became the holder of the lyric award for the beauty of the word awarded by radio Proglas. In June 2017, her second CD Private Songs was released, which, five years after her debut CD Hotel in Quiet Street, records other stories, experiences and feelings, but this time the songs are based on the full sound of the band. Ladina's songs were also included on the CD of the group Jablkoň - Sentimentální Němec (2013), on the children's compilation CD Bongo Bonboniéra (2010) and Bongo Bombarďák (2011).