Mňága a Žďorp

31/03/22, 19:00

Mňága and Žďorp have released their fourteenth series album entitled Friction Areas. "It simply came to our notice then. There are friction surfaces constantly. At the beginning, it's usually divine, and then it often gets complicated, "explains frontman Petr Fiala for iReport.

The new recording represents a varied twelve-part collection and enjoys an enthusiastic reception. The bittersweet depressed world of Petr Fiala's texts was filled with more colorful shades, energetic tempos and switches to often unexpected genres and moods, "highlights Jan Vedral's review for Aktuálně, for example.

Many guests appear on the Friction Areas. Former member Buty keyboardist Milan Nytra and singer Jitka Andrášková are among the regulars who perform with the band. Luboš Novotný from Druhá Trave or the brass section of the Brass Avenue band also appear on the record.

Mňága and Žďorp
The band has been active on the Czech music scene since 1983. It was formed under the direction of singer and guitarist Petr Fiala and it took eight years for the inconspicuous recording Made In Valmez to leave Valašské Meziříčí. One of the best post-revolutionary albums ever revealed to the general public the magic of the poetics of mundaneness and healthy humanity with hits such as The Hour Hotel, A Song for You or Cage in a Cage. Since then, the band has recorded 14 full-length records.

In recent years, he has released Mňága on his own label Surikata Records. The band members take care of the complete course from recording to distribution of records. In addition, Mňága has organized successful fan collections for the last three albums. "After those three campaigns, everyone knows we're keeping our word. We won't even give up on loungers who don't come to the post office to pick up the package and send it to them again. It's all about trust, "concludes Fiala.