Open (F)air Music: MIG 21

09/06/22, 20:00

Popular dance, singing and stripping group. They regularly release Fléd for several consecutive days. The band consisting of Jiří Macháček (vocals), Pavel Hrdlička (trumpet, keyboards), Jan Hladík (drums), Tomáš Polák (guitar) and Adam Stivín (bass guitar) have kept us out of everyday reality since 1998 with their daistic lyrics and multi-genre pop. The members are also closely connected with the film. Jiří Macháček is an iconic actor of his generation (Loners, One Hand Doesn't Clap, Upside Down, Returnable Bottles, Men in Hope, Fairy Tale, Wilsonov), the songs Mig 21 appeared, for example, in Tomáš Vorl's film The Elf.