Open (F)air Music: Horkýže Slíže & Gaia Mesiah

23/06/22, 17:00

Horkyze Slize
Today, the legendary Nitra punk-rock band has been on the scene for almost 30 years. During her career, she has built a very solid position in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, selling clubs, cultural houses and sports halls on her own stands. Horkýže has become a popular festival fixture across both republics, they have played over 2,000 concerts, released 17 albums, have over 100 million views on YouTube and 200,000 fans on their Facebook profile.
Gaia Mesiah
After her return to the stage, the reborn Gaia has established herself as one of the best and wildest domestic rock bands. The unbridled energy of the singer Marka Rybin perfectly complements the rest of the band, which treads like a well-oiled machine. The last old-new album Refresh in Golden Hive met with positive feedback from fans and critics and started a new stage of the band. Rock matured like wine.