Hudební archeologie XXII: Hudebníci na cestách

05/08/20, 19:00

You are cordially invited to another program from the cycle of music archeology. Unfortunately, the previously announced musicians Tichotovi cannot come. However, you will not miss the Spiritual Quintet songs.



Ensemble Phoenich München, On the road between Prague and Vienna
Bohemian Lute Orchestra, Songs and melodies from year one two
Alena Hellerová
Joel Frederiksen


Members of the German ensemble Ensemble Phoenich München, led by Joel Frederiksen, will present compositions from the world-famous Kroměříž archives as part of the international project On the Road between Prague and Vienna.

Subsequently, we will recall last year's concert of the Spiritual Quintet, which symbolically closed the 60-year active career of the group. Well-known songs will be heard this time in their original Renaissance form, as presented by the Bohemian Lute Orchestra, soprano Alena Hellerová and American bassist Joel Frederiksen in tasteful and humorous arrangements, accompanied by a delicate sound of loutes.


Admission is voluntary

Archaeological base Mikulčice, 19.00