Concentus Moraviae: Markéta Cukrová, Kateřina Ghannudi, Jan Krejča

21/09/20, 19:00

Markéta Cukrová / mezzo-soprano

Kateřina Ghannudi / harp

Jan Krejča / theorba


You sleep, my soul

Italian music of the first half of the 17th century

Francesco del Nicolino: Tu dormi, anima mia

Giulio Caccini: You are kidding

Claudio Monteverdi: Sweet ones sleep

Belerofonte Castaldi: Tasteggio soave, solo theorba

Settimia Caccini: Due luci ridenti

Francesca Caccini: I wish you solo

Belerofonte Castaldi: Capriccio detto Bischizzoso

Claudio Monteverdi: Here's a little raggi / I love you now

Anonymous: Black love, tiranno flower

Barbara Strozzi: Come on, come on!

Ascanio Mayone: Search for the song of Costantio Festa

Giulio Caccini: Amarili, my beautiful

Tarquinio Merula: Canzonetta spirituale sopra la nanna


He who sleeps sometimes knows more than he can explain on a waking day. Our dreams, secret wishes, hidden fears and the whole panopticon of inner life will be heard in the magical atmosphere of Pernštejn Castle. The invitation of the leading mezzo-soprano Markéta Cukrová was accepted not only by the excellent luthier Jan Krejča, but also by the phenomenal harpist Kateřina Ghannudi, an expert on historical harps, who will bring with her her Italian story in the magical colors of an unusual instrument. In addition to Elizabethan England and Rudolfinian Prague, we present the third cultural power of the time around 1600: Italy. We will not find a female queen there as in England, but the program of the evening does not lack an excellent female composer. Barbara Strozzi sang and composed so revolutionary that in her time she was already a recognized ornament of her country.


Concert of the National Monuments Institute



Ticket price

250 CZK / 150 CZK