Ptaszek&Bužma - Blues And Gospel

08/01/22, 19:00

Two distinctive bluesmen from the Czech music scene intersected their artistic careers in a duo drawing inspiration in gospel and blues.
Matěj Ptaszek, whom you may know from the film ID Card and who is one of the top European blues blowers (Holder of the title HOHNER Newcomer 2009 and the fifteenth best blues accordionist in the world according to a survey by the prestigious blues magazine Twój Blues, 2012). After several years in South America, where he played blues in local clubs and performed at festivals, Ptaszek returned to the Czech Republic and enriched with the experience of Colombian crocante rhythm, formed a duo with the renowned Czech bluesman Bužma. Pepou Streichlem.
Bužm's instrumental skill (acoustic guitar, banjo, resophonic guitar) and the poeticity of timeless lyrics in Czech and Prajz dialect, and Ptaszek's virtuoso accordion playing and the new singing performance of both protagonists will plunge listeners into the whirlwind of the bustle blues spiced with the traditional Czech language South. Look forward to the crunching "crocante" cut of the duo PTASZEK & BUŽMA - Blues And Gospel.