Dooušek and Srnčí a Kočičí

17/03/22, 19:00

At the joint concert of the bands "Dooušek" and "Srnčí a kočičí", the first of them will present their Brno fans a little atypically, more jazzly than their well-known poetic position.
The jazz mosaic will be complemented by a second band with a somewhat bizarre name, which comes from their forest rehearsal room with a tasting of the elemental and improvisational approach not only to standards.
Under the name Dooušek, the Brno band plays, whose main means of expression are mainly original poems set from classics and sprays by a contemporary street artist, who delves into the poems and enlivens them with their melodies, for which they use elements of folk, Latin American music and blues. And we don't bother much with that.
The artist and singer Marie Vrbová tells the tones of her velvet alto deep and everyday stories, as if she drew them on a canvas. The band also consists of music author and guitarist Jirka Vrba and is complemented by a flute and saxophone performed by Radek Přibyl, Pavel Horák plays the double bass and Pavel Jaroš blows the drums softly and gently.
You can meet Maria at class meetings, teach art at a grammar school and don't like grading, Radek programs and forms a moderate and calm wing of the band, Jirka invents how to improve the search on and constantly measures something, Pavel bassist creates original playgrounds and graphic designs ... and our Pavel the drummer can be seen behind the wheel of various buses.
The band Srnčí a kočičí is an amateur group of friends from a small village in the Vysočina region, which in 2017 was united by a passion for musical improvisation.
Whether it's jazz, which is based on improvisation itself, or another genre, Roe and Cat always shows an "animal" desire not to leave a note on the note and draw a pulsating life from the theme, and transfer it from the stage to the listeners' hearts. playing is especially pleased with mutual communication and subsequent reaction, giving a chance to chance, with an understandable risk that they may find themselves on very "thin ice". With this concept, he always creates a unique story, which as such will never be repeated.
They are not interested in the genre at all. They play jazz because they love it and use it as a source of inspiration. They are not afraid to process popular songs and start with their own songs.
The basic line-up of the trio consists of Martin Steiner (piano, violin) - Lucie Nezbedová (vocals, clarinet) - Martin Nezbeda (double bass), since the first performance it was occasionally supplemented by Tomáš Křišťan (saxophones, clarinet, percussion), who joined the band in 2019. At the end of 2019, Anička Mikolajková expanded the band (drums, flutes, vocals).