Syncope Festival 2022

26/06/22, 17:00

One long evening, one place, three stages, and a continuous stream of the most interesting of the domestic jazz scene. These are the Syncope Festival, where Dan Bárta, David Dorůžka and Vertigo will perform at the premiere year.
Syncope in music is a rhythmic-metric unit that makes the regular course of a musical phrase special, say the Blue Books of Music Theory. Syncope is also a medical term for an episode of brief consciousness disorder. Both definitions intersect in jazz music - syncope is, in addition to swing, a characteristic feature of jazz since its early forms, and a brief loss of consciousness can bring you a state of trance, which you can experience both when creating and consuming music. The Syncope Festival is a new festival in the festival that focuses on the domestic scene and its international cooperation. Each year, it will offer the best of local jazz and related genres on the three stages of the Husa on a String Theater.
This year's cast attracts, among other things, a new project by Dan Bárta with the trio of Robert Balzar and guest Kornél Fekete Kovács, which was created on the occasion of the television version of JazzFest Brno in the autumn of 2020. Wyleżoł, who is the result of a long-term effort to bring together the Czech phenomenon of jazz guitar David Dorůžka with the inimitable drummer Jeff Ballard, whom we know, for example, from the Brad Mehldau trio. The trio is complemented by pianist (and bassist in this band) Piotr Wyleżoł, also well known to our listeners from the bands of Karel Růžička Jr. or Sisa Michalides. Ondřej Štveráček, Luboš Soukup or Tomáš Liška will also present their new bands, the trio Brunner-Foukalová-Křišťan, the band Point of Few with guest Jan Uvíra or the band celebrating their 20th anniversary Vertigo will offer special festival performances. The next generation will also be given space in the form of a chamber performance by the band Treetop. And since the evening starts at 5 pm and lasts practically until midnight, it is certain that the syncope will sound really blessed.