Jam Session w/ Red Bird Instruments

18/02/20, 19:00

THE MUSEUM CABINET presents a new series of JAM SESSIONS!

Jamming in a new format associated with a workshop by Honza Fic from RedBird Instruments, where he will present the work of his guitar company, bring samples and play their strings. Then we all begin to make music together. Bring your instrument, or come and try out the sounds of RedBird and get experience and new knowledge.

A unique moment that we all create together. Meeting of musicians and their friends, joint creation and shifting limits.
Come, listen, get involved, create!

Entry Voluntary.

Workshop start: 19:00 (sound test 18.h) Jam start: 20.00 * free admission, voluntary contributions to backline maintenance are welcome * drum kit (no metal sheets) and guitar combos available * if you bring your own instruments, bring it complete (ie including effects, leads) * No one is illegal * 100% vegan * no racism *