Esgmeq + Prodavač + True Fir

18/09/20, 20:00


A ghost called ESGMEQ is rushing through the Czech-Moravian landscape again. The Cheb rock and roll, led by Sisim (among others the frontman of Povodí Řeky Ohře), reassembled after several years of troubled destinies and we have the honor to welcome them in the Cabinet as well! ESGMEQ are the only band that can be talked about as Czech Stooges and not fail. Their concepts are remembered with a smile and awe, their hits like Nenávidim tě or Bramboračka have become popular and you can still hear them playing from jukeboxes in the shit for the most discerning. The legend continues!



It has been seven years since Šampon (ex-SPORTO) and his boy-band shook the Czech scene with the indie-electro-pop album splendor Malý Ráje. He is now returning to the podium to serve more anthems about love, alienation and the search for identity in a city full of open-officers.



True Fir are black horses of the Prague indie scene. During the relatively short period of their existence, members of formations such as Pacino, Prodavač, Remek, Kalle Acoustic Band (and now also Peter from the Nikander in Brno) have played or played in the ranks of the band. If you like the melancholic atmosphere of a 90's lo-fi or midwest emo, True Fir songs will blow your soul.