15/10/21, 20:00

The Czech independent scene does not have a project similar to OR. Sophisticated noise music makes up only 50% of the whole, the other half of which consists of ingeniously written lyrics abstractly touching everything that is burning and does not offer the possibility of escape. Blood on the guitar, sweat on the forehead and tears. Phenomenal ORs are an inimitable force in Europe that is worth listening to.

The energetic expression of this noise-rock band offers an unforgettable experience. The charismatic vocal expression is underlined by the phenomenal combination of drums and bass, through which the painfully screaming sound surfaces of the distorted guitar intertwine. The quieter and louder positions of this Brno trio are dynamically complemented in the interest of an authentic, insanity-bordering whole.

Hothouse music is created at the intersection of nihilism and original post-punk. The energetically played instrumental part of the ensemble refers to acts such as The Birthday Party, Violent Femmes or Iceage, while the flute vocal performance completes the vision of a smoky club in London at the turn of the eighties and nineties.
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