08/01/22, 20:00

WAVE (Silver rocket)
The wool had already broken the umbilical cord that connected her with Brno, but did not break the spiritual connection with the transcendent source of ingenious songs. She exchanged the factory in the Trnitá district for Maniny in Holešovice. Woolen is a great noise rock with a good portion of metropolitan poetry. Let the ghost of the bands Gnu, Hammerhead, Vaz aspol absorb you.

FETCH! (Silver rocket)
Three hand-operated pistons. Movement? Always ahead. Volume? Always right. Target? And is it really that important? Fetch! they are screaming, short, furious and ambiguous. The spider man behind the drum kit pulls on the strings of neuralgic points and the band's music continues to march forward, into the sea, into the wall and into destruction. Running on a tightrope high among gray skyscrapers with an army of ninjas on their heels. What did you do to whom? Nothing. But you have to run. Always ahead, always ahead. And the sound of Fetch! it's like cracking a whip over your head.