17/03/22, 20:00

Karolína Beranová, the author of dream audiovisual works, will open the whole evening and she is also involved in the creation of experimental film, video art and photography. She also recently released her first single, Karolina’s Trip. "In my debut song, I tried to record the feeling that comes after we can rise above the thing that has bothered us for a long time, and we feel freedom and even a hallucinatory nature. The single is therefore accompanied by angelic echoes, soft guitar solos and op-art visuals, ”says Karolína. The composition was created in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and producer Prokop Korb (bad focus).

Tolstoys is a six-member band led by singer Ela Tolstova and bassist Michal Smetana. 22.2.2022 under the Slnko Records label they release their second studio album "Mirror Me", which is accompanied by 10 music videos - always in collaboration with another visual artist. The new album was created under the direction of Berlin-based producer Drew Deal and combines groovy fretless beats and sharp casio synths in a brand new dress with the gentle voice of frontwoman Ely into an unmistakable mix of emotion and sound.