05/05/22, 20:00

Trialogos / Exile On Mainstream records
(neo doom kraut ...)

The music of Trialogos gently grabs your hand, squeezes it when it hears the cracking of bones, and indiscriminately guides you through a devastated soundscape. This Berlin trio, whose music combines krautrock, ambient, songwriting, noise, industrial and much more, was formed only recently. However, after their debut album, it became dusty before the first concert ended. Let yourself be drawn into the crazy world of dilapidated monuments and burning bodies of water, where instruments have their own voices and speak a language that almost resembles the human one.

The Trialogos played their concert premiere at Roadburn, where they return in 2022.
The trialogos are:
Conny Ochs (acoustic & electric guitars, vox, bass, drums, percussions),
Sicker Man (acoustic & electric cello, guitars, Juno 6, Moog, lapsteel, beats, effects)
Kiki Bohemia (Rhodes, vox, bass, dictaphone, autoharp, effects)