01/06/22, 20:00

Frustration (Fr)
Wild, dark post-punk
The cult post-punk dedicated to the wave defined by Joy Division, The Fall, Killing Joke has been forming Frustration for many years. They have 5 influential albums on their account, which one by one shape the contemporary world of independent music. Their every move is devoutly watched by or music media, and each new release is written to the music of countless emerging post-punk bands of the time. However, they are not afraid of new influences either, as can be seen in their cooperation with SleafordMods, for example. Their concerts are spontaneous, expressive, loud and rarely do without mosh pit. Don't miss your chance, who knows if there will ever be another chance!


The Brno noise-rock band is looking forward to being able to make a mess in front of their French colleagues. sinks were only recently created, but they systematically and loudly build a name and then combine it with enthusiastic reviews of concerts and active work on diverse discography. The notoriously coordinated rhythm section, complemented by a dynamic, minimalist and even destructive guitar playing, goes hand in hand with screaming vocals. It has not yet happened that the concert sinks is not a powerful experience long in advance.