03/06/22, 20:00

A group of excessively playful artists - František Skála, Petr Nikl, Mira Černý, Ondřej Černý and Petr Tichý, an unknown number of instruments, animals and plants and a whirlwind of intentional and lively songs.

Someone once said "opportunity makes Skala" and Petr Nedoma, director of the Rudolfinum Gallery, described František Skála's successful exhibition as an "explosive mix". This is how the name of another of this versatile artist's projects came about.
The group's first solo concert took place at the Slavonice Film Festival. František Skála then challenged Petr Nikl, who occasionally accompanied him to parties at his Balkan "Bisernica", and he brought in the multi-instrumentalist and composer Miroslav Černý. It's nothing more than playing nicely and with pleasure at times.
Both the pieces taken (Presley, Dylan or Waits) and the songs are curious - to amuse the company, learned from Skála's father, which few people know. So unobtrusive. Then there are the author's songs, somehow spontaneously accumulated over the years, which never had the ambition to be on CD. In the end, however, there were so many of them that at a time when it is forbidden to play and sing, we saw his DEBUTA at the Rock at a mature age.
Some songs were created under the pressure of events on the occasion of the opening program, as the group Finnish Baroque (an older project by František Skála), from whose repertoire some songs come, was created. Unlike the Finnish Baroque, where music is "born of the tension between top visual artists", the Explosive Mix is ​​about interplay and joy. By expanding the ensemble with a double bass by the seasoned excellent player Petr Tichý, the trumpets of the sensitive Ondřej Černý were firmly anchored in the depths, so that the trumpet of the sensitive Ondřej Černý could sound like a mirabelle on the cake.
On the DEBUT album, the band's sound was enriched in some songs with a tin guitar banjo from the workshop of Martin Růžička (Sketa fotr), which he exchanged with Skála for a work of art. We will also hear Petr Tichý's trombone or Petr Nikl's favorite rubber pig. Petr Vavřík and Marcel Gabriel took care of good sound, mix and master in studio V.