23/06/22, 20:00

After a ten-year hiatus, Simon Bonney and Bronwyn Adams announced their return to European stages with their new Berlin incarnation of Crime & the City Solution. The newly formed formation will embark on a European tour in May, which will last until the end of the summer.

In the latest, already the sixth incarnation of the band, founded by Simon Bonney in 1977 in Sydney, Crime & the City Solution VI, the aforementioned Bonney met as a singer with violinist Bronwyn Adams, who also provides backing vocals, loops and deserts. Sounds, highly regarded Australian drummer based in Berlin Chris Hughes, Florida master of synthesizer and guitar Georgie Valentin, Berlin-based bassist Baron Anastis and longtime collaborator and friend, guitarist and pianist Donald Baldie.

The first performances by Crime & the City Solution, founded by Simon Bonney at the age of 16, between 1977 and 1979 had a major impact on the key figures in the Melbourne art-punk / post-punk scene. In 1984, Mick Harvey sent the band from Bad Seeds Bonney to England to establish the London branch of Crime & the City Solution with their mutual friend, the excellent and widely acclaimed former Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard, his brother Harry Howard at bass and Kevin Paul Godfrey aka Epic Soundtracks on drums. Two years later, after touring Europe, Britain and the United States on several tours and releasing several EPs and one standard album, the formation reached its peak with an unforgettable performance of a swan song in Wim Wenders' masterpiece Heaven over Berlin.

Bonney let it be heard that the band did not achieve the right voice and the desired sound until another Berlin band, Crime & the City Solution, in which they recorded three studio albums and one CD of live recordings between 1986 and 1991. This band formation was based less on Melbourne's post-punk roots and rather sought to discover new sound territories. 50% of the band members were Berliners: Einstürzende Neubauten guitarist Alexander Hacke, former ex-DAF / Liaisons Dangereuses member and analogue synthesizer Korg synthesizer Chrislo Haas and freejaz bassist Thomas Stern. The group was joined by Australians Mick Harvey on drums and Bonney's longtime collaborator and companion in the lyricism Bronwyn Adams on violin.

Czech fans know Huga Race not only as a former teammate of Nick Cave, but also from numerous concerts with his band The True Spirit, which Race founded in Berlin in 1989. He recorded a number of excellent albums with them, full of raw original songwriting, most often based on a mixture of blues. stimuli and psychedelia.