24/06/22, 20:00

MMNK (or Moths are entitled to cremation) - MMNK's music is a combination of progressive punk with naughty mischief and lyrics soaked in cynicism, black humor and melancholic mourning of oneself. Their debut album evokes the atmosphere of the MMNK multiversion, in which "artists" take on the roles of their alternates. Fluttering in the texts is also reflected in the frequency of vulgarisms, paraphrases and borrowed foreign expressions. The eclecticism of the aforementioned music group has its roots in beat literature, Power Rangers, Galactik Football, The Pair of Parmens and, last but not least, The Last Temptation. The band categorizes themselves in the white trash category. Czech lyrics, raw rhythms and sharp riffs, however, could be covered under progressive pop punk and are purposefully aimed at all fans of strange music and events. MMNK even received the designation "New Weird Czechia", ie following the example of New Weird Britain, denoting a new wave of bands with a radical approach to creation.

HAĎÁCI - a Bratislava band playing experimental punk rap with a decent grunge spice and, in their own words, they are known only for their existence.