30/06/22, 20:00

Beach Bum are beach lounges from the Brno dam, powered by grass and radegast ten. These guys and the singer in colorful shirts and caps don't play any depressing shit, but just hilarious songs about parties, friendships or favorite movies. All with the honest sound of the nineties. The second album T-Rex Goes On Holiday is released on 3.6. at the Brno Cabinet Records. It's the dirtiest and funniest record the Cabinet has released so far. No long solos or piles of effects. The band released their first single from the new album Horrorlover six months ago and it's about their great love for junk horror movies and made a clip for it. This band will come to play wherever there is a drawer and a beer. Do you like Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, Dune rats or Skeggs? That's good, so are they!