02/11/22, 20:00

Miss Petty
A concert that Bruno Ferrari will definitely not attend, despite the fact that he would have seen, heard and experienced the Mega Goats here. Miss Petty is the first (and only) domestic drag queen to venture into the waters of original music. She has currently released the vibrant EP Slay, on which she confirms the gusto and energy with which she can plunge into the waters of hyperpop and love for pop culture in general. Real music without preconceptions and a unique example of taking the art of drag miles further. Recommends Slaytiiin ten out of ten.


Toyota Vangelis
His name appears alongside countless other fresh names of contemporary Czech music (Sahareya, Tokyo Drift, Miss Petty and others), he himself appears under the stage of a bunch of concerts and confirms that musical nerdiness often turns into a unique author's work. In this one, he is not afraid to touch on social issues, but first of all, he generates extremely entertaining tracks. Among its major merits is the fact that it permanently confirms autotune as a legitimate tool that will certainly not age as quickly as nineties disco. And we don't even mention that Václav Peloušek founded Bastl Instruments...