06/11/22, 20:00

Whispering Sons (BEL)

Belgian five-piece group Whispering Sons delivers a dark and unique blend of experimental and frenetic post-punk. The anxious atmosphere that combines elements of no wave, industrial and avant-punk is relentless. Add to that the performance of vocalist Fenne Kuppense, who sings in a dramatic and distinctly low register, thus adding extra tension to the overall tone. Whispering Sons, with their infamously wild live shows, are simply a must-see band!

Over the past few years, the band has consistently exceeded their own expectations. With each new step forward, they redraw the boundaries of what they consider possible and push everything even further. Last year's Several Others is Whispering Sons' first line-up since their 2018 debut Image. Returning to Arden, Belgium during the summer of 2020, the band focused on the strongest parts of their early work and refined it even further. Where the Image recording was theatrical and sweeping, the current one is sheer and effortless intensity. And that is their greatest strength!