19/11/22, 20:00

Ohře basin
Desperate guitar player who shot up with her eponymous debut and hasn't let up since. The poetics of cheap brews, the fatalistic poetry/ravings of frontman Sisi (Esgmeq, Group of Happiness) and the best musicians ever to support his poetry with music. The Povodí concerts are known for their indomitable energy and frenzy, which, however, gives space for reflection. "Cut off the poet's hands and he will still articulate," declaims Sisi in the composition Litany, which was inspired by the text of the Brno poet Zdenek Rotrekl.

Virgin flames
Fabulous, scratchy noise rock. The beginnings of the Kopřivnica band Panenské plameny were painful, but it actually fits their concept of indie rock. On this year's album Herostratus, which is followed by the distinctive debut Poníčka, the band returns to poetics, in which we can trace the lyrical rawness of Zájíček's cut, but also a spiciness, which is otherwise not so much used in the genre. The album Herostratus is once again firmly rooted in the Beskydy foothills, from where it goes not only to the peaks of Smrk and Tanečnice, but especially to the hidden corners of our troubled souls. It's unpleasantly intoxicating, like the music of the Velvet Underground, but don't be afraid of sleepy retro. If writer Daniel Hradecky played in a band, it might sound something like this.