07/12/22, 20:00


A collection of feelings and emotions in secret. That's how Slovak musician Katarzia describes her new album. The n5 recording is also an illustration of how it pays to experiment. Although Katarzia established herself on the Slovak and Czech scene already at the beginning of the last decade, her distinctive work now expands into all sorts of corners of the musical universe, which cannot be shorthand labeled with just one genre label. Tracks from the new record, whose production, in addition to Katarzia itself, took part in search, producers such as Oliver Torr, Ancestral Vision and Isama Zing, will be complemented live by a laser visual show. Don't miss the performance of an artist who is, without exaggeration, the only one of her kind.




Oliver Torr & Isama Zing

You would be hard-pressed to find more prominent personalities of experimental electronics here today. Czech producer Oliver Torr won the prestigious Vinyla award for his debut album Fragility of Context, which was supplemented by a nomination for the Anděl Award. Slovak multi-instrumentalist and producer Isama Zing won the Radio_Head Awards statuette this year thanks to the album Blurry AF. At the same time, both of them work closely with Katarzia and have also produced their signature on her current recording n5. In the Akropolis Palace, he will present himself in a B2B set with the iconic name The0MercOfChao7777 vol. 6–6-6+1. Anything can happen.


An exceptional musician and a discovery from the new school of Slovak R&B is one of the musicians that Katarzia would like to present as part of joint concerts with the younger generation.


Meowlau x Val

The drumnbass&pop project Meowlau x Val burst onto the Slovak scene thanks to the debut EP "Nevermind" in February 2022. A distinctive attribute of the project is the combination of two female performers - Laura Jašková (Meowlau) takes care of the electronic production, and the unmistakable voice of Valentina Vlkova (Val) sounds in the songs.