17/01/23, 20:00

Matej Štrunc (baptism)

The recording Lidověk is the first solo album of the actor and musician Matěj Metoděj Štrunec. In the presence of dulcimer, violin and other acoustic instruments, Matěj works his way through a folk song together with synthesizers, drums, electronics and modern sound. Traditional songs, which were overseen in the role of producer by the popular singer Thom Artway, are reflected in the new version of Lidovek in a new form and with a new touch. The entire repertoire will be performed live with a six-member band of musicians who also participated in the album.

Vocals, guitar, piano - Matěj M. Štrunc
Violin: Jan Bradáč
Cymbal: Michal Grombiřík
Electric guitar: Adam Caha
Bass guitar: Josef Stránik
Drums: Petr Ptáček


Beata Bocek
Unmistakable Czech-Polish singer-songwriter and musician from Těšín. Songs about memories, childhood, travels and dreams. Beata creates compositions using a loopstation, where she layers her voice on top of each other, creating harmonies of voices in a dance rhythmic arrangement. You can also look forward to songs from the latest album O Tobje or Ja tutaj mieszkam.