The Shookies

04/12/21, 20:00

The Brno band The Shookies was formed in 2010 in a Vysoké Mýto café, where a group of people with the same musical feeling and desire to create together met. They were mainly inspired by the singing tradition of foreign folk-rock and acoustic-rock, and they gradually worked their way up from busy in the park to the club and festival scene. In 2014, they christened their debut album Great Test Hits. Although the composition of the band has partially changed since its inception, it is still based on the original musical intention and distinctive sound. However, he is not afraid to stay open to different genres and experiment. He considers support for Glen Hansard and Interference in the Olomouc Jazz Tibet Club to be the last biggest success. In December 2018, The Shookies released the single Lonely & Weak and in March 2019 a record called Sooner or Later