Sklad by Walda

26/02/22, 20:00

Honza Walda Valík (* 1987, Jedlka) is an experimental poet, photographer, but above all a musician, singer and guitarist. His work does not deny the influences of Czech folk roots, progressive rock and rock'n'roll in the sixties, but also later punk and heavy metal. So neither a songwriter, nor a rocker, nor a psychedelic. Simply and above all elemental and inner songs about man from man.

guests (author's reading):

Eliška Hondlová (* 1995) comes from Mikulov. He currently lives in Brno, where he studies Literature and Intercultural Communication at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. In addition to writing poems, she writes lyrics and enjoys singing. She is also a member of the Vítrholc group. You can read her texts on the Sunday Moment of Poetry website, the František Halas Literary Competition or on the Ostrava literary platform Harakiri Czurakami.

Krista Kašpar (* 1992) lives in Brno. She studied Intermedia Arts at Petr Lysáček's studio at the University of Ostrava. As part of his studies at FaVU BUT, he is currently working on a dissertation focusing on the aging of artists. She is a member of the art groups In Saček Veritas and Vítrholc.

Karel Škrabal (* 1969 in Jihlava). He lived in Brno for over forty years, now he lives in Prague. He has published seven collections, the last of which is called Nobody awaits. Founding member of the Vítrholc art group. Operator and website editor Nedělní chvilka poezie.CZ. He makes a living as a journalist. He is married and has two sons.

Milan Urza (1983) is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and writer. Frontman of the alternative group První Hora and the dark folk duo Kaspar Melichar, in recent years also a solo singer. So far he has published two collections of poetry and three novels. He comes from Jičín, his second home is in Prague.