Ira Mimosa

18/03/22, 20:00

Gentle melancholy, saturated with sun, wind and rain, accompanied by the clatter of fast steps and the soft rustle of bird wings in the treetops, wrapped in the scent of a foggy morning, slowed by a motionless Sunday afternoon. You clap and disappear ...
Ira Mimosa is a Prague singer, guitarist, author of music and lyrics, weaving her fragile melodies from tones of sadness and melancholy. She most often performs only with the guitar, but lately other instruments have been added to her music. Piano, glockenspiel, calimba, does not resist the sounds of the electronic world. Her debut album (a kind of extended six-song EP) called La lumière (Light), released in the autumn of 2012 on the Jezerka Records label, was supposed to capture the core of her work, which is connected with singing and guitar. La lumière is minimalist, transparent and above all very feminine ...
In the spring of 2015, she recorded (in collaboration with Filip Míšek) the Czech single Mlha. The question is whether it is a harbinger of a Czech album (Czech lyrics are in stock), or it is just a spring whim, caused by wandering in the Czech and Moravian-Silesian hills :) The song Mlha received a video clip in May 2015.
Cooperation on the new board offered her musician and producer Tomáš Neuwerth, with whom he has played several times in the past. In addition, you can see Ira Mimosa on stage with accordionist Roman Zabelov, half of the duo Zabelov Group, in the past with guitarist Omar Khaouaj or pianist Ondřej Báča, who traded Prague for London in the autumn.
Ira Mimosa dances in the wind, welcomed by fragility and melancholy, her music is a soft, almost inaudible melody that sounds in your ears when you walk around the river, when you stop in the middle of the road and do not see there, or back, as if the misty landscape itself around you She sounded quietly and her echo stayed in you for a long time after returning home.