Venika Hartlyn + Evah

27/05/22, 20:00

Venika Hartlyn is a singer and pianist from Moravia (Holešov). The core of her music is the piano, which she accompanies at concerts and which dominates her recordings released on her debut EP Songflowers (2020) and the follow-up EP Devotedly (2021). Her work is aptly characterized by the concept of song flowers, how the title of her debut recording could be translated. Ondřej Kunst (fretless bass guitar) and Marek Kolařík (electric and acoustic guitar) accompany the author of the fragile ballads, which smell of melancholy and often turn a captivating melody.

Evah is an indie-pop singer and guitarist from the Uherské Hradiště region. Her solo songs are characterized by the sound of classical and electric guitar and a dreamy to melancholic atmosphere, which is supported by texts dealing with the events of the inner world of man. Evah has already released several singles and video clips, on which she has collaborated, for example, with producer NIKO or Lukáš Chromek. This year, the EP called Transition debuts.