Rocky Leon + Dan Vertígo

After ten years, Rocky Leon will appear back on Melodka!
Rocky Leon (A, USA)
A native of San Francisco, who regularly commutes between California and his second home in Salzburg, Austria, he will bring a tense and one-man show to Melodka with his tight and positive energy. Look forward to an immersive and colorful mix of rock, reggae, hip-hop and ska, which will ease your daily worries and make you happier, at least for a while. It is also worth mentioning the skill and obviousness with which Rocky Leone controls all the musical equipment he uses in his production - he makes all the sounds himself.
Support: Dan Vertígo with the band
Songwriter Dan Vertígo moves on the edge of folk with rock and punk elements, he also grips into ska, reggae or hip-hop here. Thanks to this mix of genres, the music is colorful and fresh, in a striking band performance sometimes even dance. The band also consists of Matouš Hamerník (drums), Ondřej Vašata (keyboards) and Jan Palán (bass).