Starobrno Free Night: Dazed n' Confused, Them Switcheroos, Random Choices

08/07/22, 19:30

It is said that Free Nighty is even better now than before! So come check it out and enjoy the club atmosphere and great bands!
At popular Nights, we always present mainly talented, definitely promising, and especially rising stars. We usually look for them in Brno, but we are not afraid to go further. July's Starobrno Free Night will present 3 bands and none of them should escape your attention! Admission is free, but a voluntary contribution will support the bands so that they can more easily start their (perhaps) stellar career.

Dazed n 'Confused
“The band was formed at the beginning of 2018 and in their energetic music spiced with sharp guitar riffs, it mixes the rawness of the blues with elements of rock. Come listen to the band live, and if it's your cup of tea, look forward to their debut album, which they plan to release this year. "
Random Choices
“Random Choices is a rock band with funk and pop colors characterized by its energetic performance. They have already played a number of concerts in their native Trenčín and its surroundings, in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, but also in Austria. You can get to know their music from Radio Slovakia, Radio Devín or others. ”
Them Switchers
"Two guitarists whose mission is to bring rawness back to the music. The privilege of their live performances is unbridled energy, alternating positions (guitar, drums), old TV and raven. A garage with stoner elements, fans of the White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age or even Royal Blood will definitely enjoy themselves. ”