B-Side Band feat. Jay Delver and Lash & Grey (SK)

02/06/22, 20:30

The Brno B-Side Band, the winners of the Anděl Awards in the Slovak album Lash & Gray category and the frontman of the Brno funk Jay Delver together on one stage at the Metro Music Bar!

The Slovak duo Kristína Mihaľová and Jakub Šedivý, performing under the name Lash & Gray, have won one award after another since their inception. From the Slovak Radio_Head Awards for Best Debut Album through Discovery of the Year at the New Faces of Slovak Jazz to the recent victory of the Anděl Awards in the Best Slovak Album of the Year category. They dazzled the European music scene so much that they traveled to almost a dozen prestigious festivals in France, Germany and Belgium.

Another discovery of the current scene, which will meet the B-Side Band on the stage, is the singer, pianist and saxophonist Jakub Urbánek from the Brno rock-funk group Jay Delver. The talented composer and his band also represented their country abroad, most recently in Paris at the Czech Center or at the Serbian Nišville Jazz Festival in Serbia. As forerunners, fans awaited the concert of American guitarist Malina Moya at the home Sono Center. The band is also the winner of the Jazzfruit competition of the Young Ladies Jazz festival.