zakázanÝovoce + Wotazník

19/11/22, 20:00

The band zázázanÝovoce joins forces with the punk-rock band Wotazník in the fall of 2022 and together they go on tour for the album Živák!, which zázázanÝovoce released in May of this year. On the autumn tour, they will also celebrate their 17th birthday and present a new single, which will also appear on the Spotify platform, where the band is regularly listened to by over 50,000 listeners per month. This year, the band Wotazník took part in the biggest domestic competition of music groups, the Real League, where they took the overall first place among bands, but also the frontman of this formation, Ludvík Hušek, won in the Singer of the Year category.

The punk-rock band zázázanÝovoce has been operating since 2005 and has almost 1,000 concerts to its credit. In the past, she took part in several big tours, for example with the bands Harlej, Totální nasnažení, Jaksi Taksi or Imodium. She also played at most leading Czech and Slovak festivals. In 2017, she became a special guest at 25 indoor tour concerts to celebrate 25 years of the legendary band Horkýž Slíž.

In November 2020, the band zázázanÝovoce released their last studio album so far (8th in a row) called Svět se prány. In 2021 and 2022, she successively went on the tour of the same name "The world has changed tour" with a number of guests. The concerts were postponed in various ways due to covid, but in the end everything was arranged. The last concerts in Tábor together with Civilní obranú and in Č. Budějovice with Total commitment are planned for October 2022. With the concept album Svět se člení, the band created a unique view of the global pandemic. The pilot single for the new record, as well as the video clip "For our dreams", recently surpassed 500,000 views on YouTube. The entire album is available on all digital platforms including the YouTube channel. In 2022, it will reach a respectable 35 million views and has over 27,000 exclusive subscribers.

In May 2022, zádáÝovoce will release a live album called Živák for the first time ever! This recording of a live concert recorded in Olomouc's S-club in autumn 2021 is available on all digital platforms, including Spotify, which will be visited by over 50,000 listeners per month in 2022. The album is also officially released on CD as the 9th album.