Artsiders + special guest Kabinet – album launch

07/12/22, 20:00

The baptism of the debut album "Somewhere in Heaven"

Honest songs, performed by professional musicians who want to have fun with music. This is original music composed, arranged and produced by Jáchym Bašek – the band's bassist and vocalist. Lead vocalist Olda Smysl went through musicals and bands to anchor here, where he feels at home. Tomáš Makovský forms a long-standing rhythmic tandem with Jáchym that simply hits the spot. Guitarist Tomáš Pecka belongs to the young generation of musicians and brings fresh wind from the mountains to the group. Two Jakubs take turns as keyboardist – Doležal and Žídek. Which one is better? Judge for yourself. Artsiders are philosophy, good music and a bunch of musicians who like to play together and are happy when people enjoy their playing.

The five-member art-rock formation Kabinet is a unique phenomenon of the Czech rock scene with its sound and emphasis on lyrics. Its leader is set designer and artist Petr Hloušek, bass player and author of part of the repertoire. With Richard Lukes (guitar) and Milan Podroužek (keyboards), he is the co-author of the music and arrangements, some may remember the drummer Petr Haša from the band Mgr. Kelly. In 2016, vocalist Eva Ventrubová joined the lineup.